#19. When the Nest is Empty: Alice Agnello, 46

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Transitions are often a good time to pause and see if you are on a course that is fulfilling and important to you. And, as my guest Alice Agnello says, the possibility exists to thrive with change, to embrace and enjoy it. Alice and I became friends when we started junior high school together. We talk about the importance of being independent from your kids, how the older women in her family are her role models, and why our friendships can take more effort in our 40s. Alice shares how dealt with her kids leaving home and the reason behind her career pivot. You’ll also hear about some changes I’ve recently made in my life, after thinking about my own looming empty nest.

 Alice Agnello is a lifestyle and success coach who helps women figure out who they are now that their kids are grown and may not need them as much. She was raised in California and now lives in Virginia, so she's been known to say “dude” and “y'all” in the same sentence. Alice is an educator, speaker, podcaster, and ravenous reader. She also loves show tunes, chai tea, and all things British. Alice’s mission is to help women see the true value in themselves and to not allow fear to dictate their lives.

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