#18. Exploring the Future: Heather Thorkelson, 40

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This week I’m talking with Heather Thorkelson, a spirited explorer. In this episode you’ll hear how Heather took months of deep work to discover what she wanted her future to look like. She also shares how her difficult childhood shaped her and her interesting career path that has taken her all over the world. We talk about why now is the best time to become an entrepreneur, how she has struggled with the decision whether or not to become a mother, and why women in midlife still need mentors.  You’ll also hear about her No Plan B philosophy for entrepreneurs, which she is turning into a book by the same title.  

 Heather Thorkelson is a Canadian dual business owner living in rural Sweden. She runs a business consulting practice that helps small-to-medium business owners grow their bottom line without adding busy-work. She also runs a bespoke polar expedition company that takes discerning travelers on once-in-a-lifetime expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. But more than anything, Heather is an incurable entrepreneur.

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