#20. Childless By Choice: Sandi Reinardy, 41

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Today’s episode is part 1 of a special sisters series. It will continue through next week and will include a bonus episode on Thursday, September 5th.

My guest Sandi Reinardy and I talk about her decision to not have children, about how she is using her voice, and how giving oneself a bit of space opens up the possibility of having genuine connection with others. Sandi shares why she prefers to use the term childless over childfree, and about her decision to return to school.

Sandi Reinardy is in the midst of making a career change from database consultant to social worker, with a focus on criminal justice efforts. She is also a writer and recently launched a blog called Grumble Wonder Grow, where she wrestles with the beautiful, messy challenges of being a human. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband.

Next Tuesday I’ll air my talk with Sandi’s older sister, Barb Dvoracek, and then on Thursday they're in conversation together. One that was very moving for all of us. You won’t want to miss it!

Connect with Sandi: Website

I’d like to thank Sandi for proposing this series and her sister Barb for being so enthusiastic. I’m grateful to them for their support and for sharing their stories with us.

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