#9. A Year Later: Daree Allen Nieves, 42

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This week Daree Allen Nieves talks about her year since losing her husband - while they were practically newlyweds – and her grief process. We also talk about the benefits of journal writing to find your voice, how personal development is truly personal, and how Daree is finally taking a solo trip to Hawaii – something she’s put off for many years. We recorded the interview on what would have been their 3rd anniversary – so this episode is a tribute to George Nieves.

Daree Allen Nieves is an authorpreneur and goal-getter. As a speaker and certified life coach, she is a presenter at workshops, conferences, and universities across the country. Daree is also a voice actor and the award-winning author of three self-help books. Finally, don’t miss her podcast, "Kickin' it with Daree," which talks about the things in life that matter most. 

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