#10. Compassion Through Curiosity: Dr. Amy Heard-Davison, 49

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I loved talking with my guest today about the science behind compassion. Dr. Amy Heard Davison is a licensed clinical psychologist in Northern Virginia. She has extensive experience and training in working with individuals facing medical, emotional, and relationship problems. Her work in medical settings has taught her the intricate link between our biological, emotional, and social health. She seeks to help patients connect mind and body in order to build a meaningful life.

We also talked about how Amy was part of the sandwich generation in her early 40s, how she looks back on her 40s, and how she’s excited to help launch her teens. She also has a birthday tradition, which makes me want to start some of my own! In fact, Amy had her 50th birthday since we recorded. Happy birthday Amy! I truly hope that your 50s is even better than your 40s!

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