#22. A Holistic Journey: Lizbeth Ericka, 40

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Life is a journey. What a cliché, right? But as Jack Kerouac said, “all clichés are truisms, and truisms are true.” If we think of our lives in those terms though, we start to appreciate that where we are today, doesn’t mean that we’ll be in the same place tomorrow.

I love what my guest Lizbeth Ericka has to say about journeys. Lizbeth and I talk about her path to entrepreneurship, what she’s learned from her teens, and her spirt animals. She also reveals why she agreed to say yes to this interview.

One of my favorite parts of these interviews is at the end where I ask my guests if there is anything else they’d like to mention before we close. It’s always fascinating, and usually profound. Lizbeth pleasantly surprised me with a new approach to this question, so you’ll definitely want to listen till the end.  

Lizbeth Ericka worked in Research and Evaluation for many years directing health promotion projects for federal and local agencies. She is a trained mental health counselor and has worked with adolescents and adults in different community settings. In 2015, she made the courageous move to leave her corporate job to forge a path to educate, empower, and shift the way that individuals view health and wellness. She is certified in various fitness modalities, and is an avid cyclist and runner. In August 2019, Lizbeth launched a yoga space in East Harlem, NY where she teaches yoga, conducts workshops, and does one-one-coaching at CB Health and Wellness Center.

Connect with Lizbeth: Website

I hope that this episode makes you think about your own journey.

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