An Announcement

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I’ve been on the air for six months now and it’s been an incredible journey. However, find out why I’m moving the show to a biweekly one. I have a great episode for you next week with Jackie MacDougall of Forty Thrive, whose announcement on her show got me thinking of mine.   

Finally, I am looking for 6 women to provide some information on their listening habits, preferences, and feedback related to Forties Stories. If you have listened to 7 or more episodes AND are between the ages of 35 - 55, you are eligible to participate. I will take 1 listener outside of the US. For more information, click here or email me at This is ONLY for my personal use and will never be shared. Even if you can’t participate, please drop me a note anytime to share your thoughts, questions, and feedback.

Thank you, as always, for listening, and your support. It means the world to me. I’ll see you next Tuesday!