#13. The Art of Nurturing Ourselves - Doña Bumgarner, 46

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Thank you to everyone who has followed along with our #onekindsummer campaign. I am excited to start up our interviews again. With the spirit of self-compassion in mind, today we’re focused on the art of nurturing ourselves.

Doña Bumgarner and I talk about her unusual childhood, her winding path to motherhood, and how she recreated her life after nine months of cancer treatment. It was a joy to talk with her.

Doña is a coach who works with women who know that there is much more to life than their kids - but they’ve lost themselves in the role of motherhood. She helps them make sense of their lives and learn to stand up for themselves and the lives they want to create. You can find her at Nurtured Mama.net, where she blogs and has a podcast called The Nurturing Habit.

Connect with Doña: Blog | Podcast | Workbook

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