#16. Stepping Outside: Robin Kleisler, 40

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Getting outdoors without distraction, even for a few minutes a day, is rejuvenating and good for the soul. Its benefits are similar to meditation. This week, Robin Kleisler and I talk about the growing trend of wilderness therapy, the benefits of EMDR, and how you don’t have to worry about offending or shocking your therapist. Robin also discusses turning 40 and how she’s finally in a place where her kids are more self-sufficient, allowing her to rethink her priorities. Also, find out why I had a bit of trouble deciding on the title of this episode.

Robin Kleisler earned a graduate degree in counseling psychology, after being inspired by her early career in the outdoor guiding industry. She has a private therapy practice in Longmont, Colorado, where she lives with her family. Her specialty is working with trauma, depression and anxiety, self-esteem, and parent coaching. She also works with individuals and families impacted by substance or technology addiction. Robin is passionate about creating more awareness around mental health and addiction, and regularly presents on various topics at regional, national, and international conferences.

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