A Heartfelt Thank You to My First 10 Guests!

Today I posted my 10th interview (whoo hoo!) and I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for this awesome group of women, who have made this show possible for me. They’ve shared their hopes, and fears, and pain, and dreams - connecting us all through their stories. I’ve learned something from each of them that left me inspired and hopeful.

We’ve talked about this in a couple of episodes, but women do support each other, which is often missed. I want to SHOUT my gratitude to these women for taking the time to show up and support me:

Debi Maguire

Cori McClaughry

Sarah Sarkis

Rachel Pieh Jones

Nina Badzin

Erin Prather Stafford

Motrya Hanas Califiura

Daree Allen Nieves

Amy Heard Davison

Lindsey Mead

I know you’ll enjoy getting to know these incredible women!